About Us

Our Commitment is to the absolute best quality and service that we can possibly achieve today, tomorrow, and for as long as we are in business. That is our Standard and is also why we bear that word as part of our name. We are committed to conducting business the right way each and every day, and are committed to treating our customers and employees with respect, honesty, and integrity.


Our story began as the "stereotypical" American Dream. We always wanted to bring our ideas for products and services to life. We wanted to own our own business and we wanted to create.  But for years and years we didn't know how or what it would be, we just wanted it to be. Just dreaming doesn't get you very far though and for years and years we just had ideas. We were dangerously close to only ever having that; just great ideas. It wasn't until a mentor said one day "hey that's a really cool idea, let's make it" that we took our first real actionable steps on an eventual dead end golf product. The words "let's make it" were a simple yet extremely powerful spark of empowerment that set us on a several year journey of taking little steps, experimenting, researching, grinding, learning, striving, and growing. Those 3 little words catapulted us from being dreamers to being doers. Without that encouragement who knows where we would be today. So for that we are forever grateful!